AAG has a large amount of broken- bridge and non-broken bridge curtain wall products, mainly divided into two categories: Component type curtain walls and unitized curtain walls. Component type: Fully exposed frame, fully concealed and semi- concealed frame series, the series and sizes include 50,60,65,70,75, 80,90,100 etc; Unitized curtain wall series has many different shape series for choice. 

Unitized curtain wall series

semi-concealed frame glass series

semi-concealed frame glass series

semi-concealed frame glass series
There are many kinds of broken bridge and non-broken bridge product series in Asia aluminum, which mainly is divided into two categories: component-typecurtain wall and unit-type curtain wall. Component-type: full frame, full implicit frame and half-hidden frame series, sizes range of 50,60,65,70,75,80,85,90,100 etc.; 
Many different curtain wallsmodeling to choose from.

Curtain Wall Projects in the World

Burj Khalifa
Guangdong Science Center
Beijing National Aquatics Center
Bird's Nest


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