Aluminum veneer curtain wall
The single aluminum plate curtain wall is made of high strength aluminum alloy plate, its structure is mainly composed of a panel, stiffener and bracket component . Code can be directly by the panel bending , stamping molding, but also in the panel on the hems of riveting corner molding. Stifferner and plate after welding screw connection to become a solid whole, greatly enhance the strength and rigidity of the aluminum veneer curtain wall, to ensure the long-term use of the smoothness and seismic capacity.

Light weight, high strength , weathering resistaince and corrosion resistance , or processing into plane, arc type surface and spherical surface and other complex shapes, surface treatment color rich, easy to install and maintenance, easy to clean, stable product quality, with excellent environmental protection and fire protection, and has a good seismic resistance and wind resistance.

Applicable scope
Mainly used for buliding exterior wall decration, such as the interior wall and ceiling, the hall facade, the package column, space truss structure, outdoor floating shed, ect.

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